How it Works is a revolutionary concept in the sale of properties. It allows you to sell your home for 0% Commission.

There are no strings attached. We are the world’s first free online estate agency

Yes that’s right there are

You list your home by simply registering with us, it’s that simple!

We can help you write your advert. Your property is then advertised on some 20+ websites including Rightmove, Houseladder and Houseshop ABSOLUTELY FREE.

When you get an enquiry about your property we will email you with the details of your buyer specifying when they would like to view the property or with any questions they might have. If you want to see more about your buyer their details will be in your Account page.

How do we do it?
We are turning the market on its head and will be charging buyers a micro subscription fee to receive the full contact details of all properties that interest them.

Too good to be true?
No, we believe in charging a lot of people a small amount rather than a small amount of people a lot. But while we are building our brand we are also offering buyers a FREE service. So everybody wins!

*Property Verification 
If you do not require Floor Plan, Photographs and or an EPC , we will need to visit your property to verify the sales details. The cost is £45 (Inc. VAT ) per property.

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